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1953-01 April May Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 3, Issue 1

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Het Roer Om!  H. Evan Runner   1

As it Began to Dawn  Lambertus Mulder   5

The Beauty of Simplicity  Henry A. Bruinsma   6

A Limited God  Johannes G. Vos   9

Organization and Administration  Bernard J. Haan   11

Evaluating the Attack on Isaiah  Edward J. Young   14

Resurrection Witnesses!  Cornelius Van Til   16

The Christian Professor's Opportunity in the Secular University  W. Standford Reid   18

Solving the Social Problem in the Netherlands  F.P. Fuykschot   21

Book Review: "Toward a Reformed Philosophy"  Robert D. Knudsen   24

Letters to the Editors   25

The Theology of the February Flood  John Vriend   28

The Calvinistic Conceptions of Life: Its Consequences  Steve Harkema   30

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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