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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


1952-05 Dec Jan Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 2, Issue 5

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The Challenge of a Christian Culture  Henry Van Til   1

Occupational Diseases of the Ministry  Leonard Greenway   5

The Immanuel Prophecy  Edward J. Young   6

The Problem of Form and Content  Henry A. Bruinsma   8

Growing Interest!  Bernard J. Haan   10

Its Glorious Task  R.B. Kuyper   13

No Room for Him!  John W. Visser   16

In 1953: Let us Pray!  George Gritter   17

Proofs for the Existence of God  Cornelius Van Til   18

Two Worlds  Arnold Brink   21

Christian Social Movement in Europe  F.P. Fuykschot   23

Church Unionism  Johannes G. Vos   23

First Acknowledgement of the Advent  John Vriend   28

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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