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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


1952 -04 Oct Nov Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 2, Issue 4

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The Bountifulness of God  Leonard Greenway   1

Labor's Struggle in Great Britain  F.P. Fuykschot   2

Common Grace and Christian Education  Eugene Bradford   5

The Knock on the Door  John Vriend   7

The Desirability of a Truly Calvinistic Church Music  Henry A. Bruinsma   8

The Churchs Office   R.B. Kuiper   10

Contempt for Theology  Johannes G. Vos   13

How to Teach Sunday School  Mark Vander Ark   16

The Christian Rejection of Economic Man  W. Stanford Reid   18

Reply to Mr. Wolters  John H. Piersma Henry R. Van Til   21

Two Words  Arnold Brink   23

The Background of Genesis  Edward J. Young   25

Road to Modernism  Henry R. Van Til   27

Here I Stand!  John H. Piersma   29




Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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