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The Outlook Digital Issues

2008-01-January Outlook Digital - Volume 58 Issue 1

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Heaven: Does It Exist?    3
Beginning a new series of meditations on a very interesting topic,
Rev. D. Hyde asks a very intriguing question.

The Passover:  A Memorial, a Feast, and a Lasting Ordinance    6
 Rev. M. Stromberg continues to look at the grand events of the
exodus.  This month, he considers the Passover.

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah    9
Rev. Mark Vander Hart continues his Bible Study on the last section
of the Book of Genesis.

Godly Hospitality    15
Mr. B. Boekestein considers the way we do hospitality today and what
it meant in biblical times.

URCNA Classis Reports    18
Classis Central Southwest - Rev. D. Barnes
Classis Michigan - Rev. W. Oord

The Creation Museum    21
Planning a vacation in 2008?  Rev. E. Marcusse offers some highlights
of the Creation Museum.

Thoughts for the New Year    22
As we enter a new year, Mr. N. Lindemulder offers some thoughts concerning the direction of the church.

The Almighty King    26
Mr. S. Swets looks at Psalm 99 and the instruction God gives to His
people concerning their worship of Him.

Update on the Miami International Seminary    30

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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