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1999-08-September Outlook Digital - Volume 49 Issue 8


Sundays and the Professional Athletes  Rev. Cecil Tuininga

Calvinism: The Theology of the Reformer  John H. Armstrong

In The Culture Wars It’s God vs. Guns  Mr. Cal Thomas

Work & Rest  Dan Doriani

Why Didn’t God Intervene?  Rev. Gary Cox

Introduction to the Book of Revelation  Peter Y. De Jong

Prologue: #1 Setting the Stage Revelation 1:1–8  Peter Y. De Jong

Lift Up Your Heart and Look #2 Revelation 1:9–20  Peter Y. De Jong

Blessings  Dr. W. Robert Godfrey

Concomitants of the Second Advent – The Final State: The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment (II)  Dr. Cornelis P. Venema

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Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital