Sittema, John R.

Meeting Jesus at the Feast Israel's Festivals and the Gospel

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Dr. Sittema, author of the well-beloved With a Shepherd's Heart, is the author of this marvelous new book, exploring the Old Testament feasts and how they are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

"Seldom will you have heard the whole gospel more clearly than in this book. It’s written with an artistry likely to move you to wonder and a passion directed to lead you to praise. The church needs this study for her recovery of Scripture’s unity, of its cosmic storyline, and of its whole life-changing power. This work satisfies the reader on so many levels at once: straightforward Bible study, warm pastoral proclamation, careful cultural assessment, and a taste of rejoicing that only God’s children know. What a gift for storytelling! What a pleasure to read! More, more, I say!"

Nelson D. Kloosterman, Professor of New Testament and Ethics, Mid-America Reformed Seminary

"This book is filled with breathtaking insights into the Scriptures. These become sweet moments in which you will see the greatness of Jesus Christ as he is revealed in both the Old and New Testament Scriptures."

Frank Reich, M. Div., President of Reformed Theological Seminary

Paperback, 160 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2"


Robert Wendel wrote a more comprehensive study guide for Meeting Jesus at the Feasts. 
You can read more and purchase the book -here-

Author: John R. Sittema
Type: Books - Paperback

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