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Bible Studies on Ruth

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Bible Studies on Ruth is written by a gifted pastor for people who long to study the Scriptures. With clear and interesting insights, he makes the ancient love story of Ruth come to life. As he does, he helps the reader learn more than just the delight of one of the world's greatest love stories. Ruth is really God's love story for His people, and Ruth's experiences lead us to relish God's sweeping plan of redemptive history. Enjoy studying Ruth as your love for Christ deepens."

—Peter A. Lillback Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

“A refreshing look into Ruth. Dr. Jackson brings three things together often not combined: literary analysis, historical redemptive insights, and good exegesis. The text is clear, and the study questions make the book useful for group Bible studies or Sunday school classes.”

—Joseph Pipa, president and professor of historical and systematic theology, 
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Taylors, SC

“The great value of Charles Jackson’s Bible Studies on Ruth is not only how he consistently shows Jesus Christ standing at the center of the book of Ruth, but also what our Savior’s fulfillment of this great prophecy means for the life of faith in the covenant. Jackson powerfully connects the story of Ruth with our story as believers. Like Naomi and Ruth, we were without hope, dead in trespasses and sins, but now made alive through the person and work of the faithful husband to whom Boaz pointed, Jesus the Christ. This is a very helpful and stimulating addition to Reformed commentaries on the book of Ruth.”

—Danny E. Olinger, general secretary of the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Paperback, 176 pages 


Author: L. Charles Jackson
Type: Books - Paperback

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