The Law of the Lord as Our Delight (Deuteronomy)


“North American Christianity has been ravaged by the kind of dispensationalism that separates the Old and the New Testaments and prefers the latter.  By badly misreading the Bible and seriously misrepresenting the Bible’s Author, this error leads far too many believers to be unsure, even downright negative, about the relevance of the Old Testament to modern living and Christian experience. People brought up on a diet of ‘the New Testament and Psalms’ suffer a kind of spiritual malnutrition that can take years to remedy.”

With this as the first paragraph of the introduction from his study guide on the Book of Deuteronomy, Dr. Kloosterman sets both the pace and the tone of his effort to do something about the poor spiritual “eating habits” of many Christians today. Using The Law of the Lord As Our Delight to help study this Old Testament book will make a major contribution towards the cure for the “spiritual malnutrition” mentioned above.

Here is a study for the serious student of Holy Scripture. Questions are provided after each of the 16 lessons that require much effort, but they will provide your study group much food for thought as well.

Paperback, 100 pages

Author: Nelson D. Kloosterman
Type: Books - Paperback