Calvin on Scripture and Divine Sovereignty


“The republishing of this book is most welcome news. I consider it one of Murray’s finest works and for it to reappear in 2009 would be most appropriate.” – Dr. Richard Gaffin

The three lectures, here reproduced in slightly revised form, were given at Reformed Fellowship, in Grand Rapids, MI, May 21-26, 1959 to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Calvin’s birth and the 400th anniversary of the publication of his Institutes of the Christian Religion. – John Murray

“The commemorative character of the occasion for these lectures, the prevailing keen interest in the subject of the inspiration and infallibility of the Bible, and the fact that Professor Murray is regarded by many as the foremost among living Reformed theologians in America, as well as his thorough acquaintance with Calvin’s works, combine to lend special significance to the publication of this material.” – The Reformed Fellowship

Paperback, 84 pages 


1: Calvin’s Doctrine of Scripture
2: Calvin and the Authority of Scripture
3: Calvin on the Sovereignty of God

Author: John Murray
Type: Books - Paperback